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About this product

When your thirst has tried everything ... and nothing has satisfied you, OH K! Kombucha is your drink.

Live (genuinely probiotic cultures), happy, creative and sociable, this is your OH K! A drink with exclusively natural gas that is not a soda. A fermented wine, however, which is not an alcoholic beverage. Simple or enriching your smoothies, cocktails and mocktails, let yourself be surprised,with the most "trendy" and versatile drink of the decade.

This box of 16 bottles contains a mixture of the three OH K! Kombucha:

  • 5 Bottles - OH K! KOMBUCHA PURE BIO, the kombucha that reveals the beauty and flavour of the simple things in life.
  • 5 Bottles - OH K! KOMBUCHA GINGER BIO, the kombucha that is an explosion of joy and freshness
  • 6 Bottles - OH K! KOMBUCHA RED BIO, the kombucha full of passion and drive.

When your thirst has tried it all ... and nothing worked, OH K! Kombucha is your drink!

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