Respect, compassion and justice - For the animals of Santo Tirso

It is with sadness and anger that we remember the tragedy occurred on the 19th of July in the two Santo Tirso area animal shelters. Right now, the important thing is to know what we can all do to do help and how to ensure that disasters like this do not happen again.

What can we do to help?

  • Help associations that are sheltering surviving animals by contributing with financial donations, food and medicines (antiparasitics, collars, etc.). If you buy food, make sure to good quality one - these animals have huge nutritional deficits and white label foods may be extremely poor and inadequate for their needs;
  • If you have true love, compassion and also availability, you can become a Temporary Shelter Family (FAT) or adopt one of these surviving animals;
  • Please avoid constantly calling these associations with questions or requests - they are currently using all their time, energy and resources to help these animals in so much need. Instead send and email and wait for a response;
  • And so that tragedies like these don't happen again, you can still sign a petition with the aim of bringing justice to the more than 70 animals that lost their lives in this disaster - sign it here.

Which associations are in need of help?

List of associations:

List of Veterinarians:

We hope that this very unfortunate event will finally show that animals deserve respect, empathy and compassion and that, like us, they also have rights that must be assured, defended and guaranteed.

For the animals, for the planet, for everyone! Xx

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