Can you change your bathroom habits in order to start living a more #zerowaste life?

How many products do you usually use in the bathroom every day even before leaving home? They are many, right? It is part of the routine of many people these moments of self-care, and it's okay! But we need to evaluate and ask ourselves about the impact of these habits and products when it comes to discarding them.

So, let's look at some tips of how to be more Zero Waste in the bathroom:

  1. Bar Options - “We need to think twice before letting the disposable plastic into our bathrooms. So, the first tip is to choose solid products! Soaps, shampoos and conditioners come in solid options, without the plastic and yes, they work great! If we are already used to bar soaps, why can't we get used to shampoos and conditioners too? Have fun with testing until you find the perfect new product for you!

  2. Bamboo toothpaste and toothbrushes - Today there are natural toothpastes in glass containers, chemical-free toothpaste and toothbrushes made from reforestation bamboo.

  3. Recycled Paper Toilet Paper - "There is no need to destroy forests to make toilet paper, but that is exactly what is happening even globally," said Alex Crumbie, a researcher at Ethical Consumer. If brands are looking for new options, it's up to us to look for and choose products with the least negative environmental impact, and toilet paper is not out of this group.

  4. Vegan and Animal-Free Make-Up - Vegan and vegetarian cosmetic products can now be found on the markets. In the case of vegan makeup, even though it may contain some synthetic components, no substance of animal origin is found in its composition. Another factor to take into consideration is the certification that these brands do not test on animals. Healthy face and clear conscience!

Other tips:

  • Natural deodorants
  • Reusable or Bamboo Swabs
  • Reusable Blades

As we have already said, we are all on the journey of adapting to new ways of conscious and responsible consumption, and this clever review has not left our bathrooms out!

Take your time, but always try to evolve and learn!

Article by Livre Para (Veond sustainability partners)