1 - Goodbye, plastic sponges!
Unfortunately, there is no way to recycle the ubiquitous plastic sponges for washing dishes. We present an alternative that is as good as and does not impact the environment as negatively as plastic sponges: The Vegetable Loofah sponge!
Vegetable bushings are naturally exfoliating and also help remove all dead cells and promote cell renewal. Bushing is a tall vine of the cucurbit family. By choosing the vegetable bushing, you encourage small farmers who grow the plant and avoid using plastic in shorter life products.

2 - Buy in bulk
It seems difficult to change some habits, but it is not impossible! We are intelligent and adaptable beings and so we have to reflect on some consumption practices that need to be changed. If you always consume black beans, why not buy in bulk and store in glass jars or reused cans? It is cheaper and there will be no plastic waste! Plus, bulk shopping is a lot of fun and all the jars look great in a kitchen!

3 - Refuse the disposables
There is still a lot to do in this area. Say no to disposables! Dishes, cutlery, straws ... Plastic objects that we use for 5 minutes and take 500 years to decompose. There is no throw away, do you understand? It's all there in the landfill, in piles and piles of discarded goods. So do your homework and say no to disposables.

4 - Meatless Food
The rewards are many! Bring more creativity into your kitchen with vegetarian and vegan dishes, and become more aware and engaged with your own diet. Your health thanks you and your conscience as well: "Taking a step towards not consuming more products that are the result of this animal exploitation, is something that brings greater peace of mind," says medical expert and nutritionist Laura Ohana.

Respect your body and your time, but remember: We live in community and our attitudes generate immense consequences in society. Set the example for your friends and family and together we will transform this big world!"

Article by Livre Para (Veond app's Sustainability and Social Good partners).