"Market research firm Euromonitor has published a report outlining worldwide key consumer trends expected in the coming years.

One of the big trends is the journey to conscious consumerism. With so many options to choose from, many of the consumers are experiencing a hangover of materialism. They want to "simplify", "detoxify" their lives.

The success of Japanese organisation consultant Marie Kondo, author of the worldwide bestseller Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and her Netflix series under the same name, is perhaps one of the biggest signs of this trend. Kondo advises people to keep only items that "bring you joy."

In this context, products positioned as “minimalist”, “handcrafted” or “back to basics” become the new status symbols, the new way to show the world who you are: sophisticated, smart, unique and responsible.

Just think of more sustainable products like reusable straws, ecobags, natural cosmetics, restaurants and supermarkets offering fresh, organic, locally sourced plant-based foods.

Euromonitor predicts that consumers will increasingly use their wallets - the power of their own money - to protest overuse of plastic. Single-use plastic packaging is increasingly frowned upon, as are disposable plastic cutlery and plastic micro-spheres in cosmetics. Today, 63% of the world's packaging is made of plastic, which shows that companies will need to take significant steps to retain their customers.

Conscious Consumers

But it's not just individual consumers who are concerned.

Welcome to the #wake-up consumer age, when companies are evaluated for animal exploitation and working conditions throughout the supply chain. While the vegan lifestyle is on the rise, Euromonitor predicts that even non-vegan consumers will adopt more animal-friendly behaviour.

Large companies are beginning to understand these behavioural changes of their consumers who want to consume brands that are aligned with the responsibility we have for our planet.

And we as consumers need to choose wisely the products and services we choose, such as the curated products and restaurants found here at Veond.

Consumerism with conscience is indeed a sign of intelligence."

By livrepara.com (Veond app partners)