Lovers of culinary and cooking arts, the program that will change the way that the Portuguese see vegetarian food has finally arrived! We were so much looking forward to a program like this - an innovative, no-nonsense program, a program that shows that natural, sustainable eating can be within everyone's reach. Lightly, in a good mood and without judgment or insistence, Veggie shows in a very tasty way, how easy it is to adopt a more conscious, natural diet and, above all a diet that has a positive impact on our health and planet.

Presented by Maria de Oliveira Dias, Veggie, brings weekly recipes, interviews and simple tips on how to start a healthy plant-based diet, this is the program that will change the lives of Portuguese people.

We're addicted to ir, so we couldn't stop ourselves from interviewing the show's production team and bring you more details about the show that will shake kitchens up! 

We talked to Leticia Maceira - one of Veggie's producers - and now we share everything with you.

Veond: Where did the idea for the show come from?

Letícia Macieira: As a vegan, I didn't feel identified with the cooking programs that existed on Portuguese television. Then I decided the time was right, I got to work and created Veggie, through my producer, Únia World. Then there is the spirit of mission - I always wanted to get the message of veganism ahead, but in a way that was strategic and efficient. The idea of ​​producing a TV show seemed to be a great vehicle for this, as it reached more people in a short amount of time.

Veond: What is the purpose and target audience?

Letícia Macieira: It is to pass on the message in an inspirational and also very practical way, where people can follow tips and promote, little by little, changes in habits in their daily lives, without the expectation of reaching a perfection that often deters people from taking the first step. We hope that by having many people implementing some changes, we will create a big positive impact on the planet. Our main target audience is, of course, vegans and vegetarians, but mainly flexitarians and all people who care about the environment and want to somehow be part of this change, so necessary and so urgent.

Veond: Future prospects?

Letícia Macieira: Our expectation is to maintain Veggie with new seasons and create more projects for television and for the digital and business media, always with content linked to veganism and sustainability.

Haven't seen Veggie yet? Don't miss a bite, every Tuesday at Sic Mulher at 13.45. Reruns: Thursdays at 10am, Saturdays at 11:30am and Sundays at 9:30am, but all episodes are all available at Sic Mulher as well as all recipes prepared during the shows. On Instagram (@veggie_no_ig) you will also find some exclusive recipes!