July is the Plastic Free month but we challenge you to take these 4 basic steps towards a more conscious and greener life through out the year:

  1. Go on a plastic-free shopping spree. We’re not encouraging you on buying just for the sake of having more things. We want to encourage you to reuse more and buy less but some items are absolute essentials if you are trying to reduce the amount of waste you produce. Essential items for a plastic-free life include: an Eco-friendly coffee cup, a tote cotton shopping bag, a nice water bottle, stainless steel straws, reusable cutlery, bamboo food storage containers and some cotton napkins and tissues.  

  2. Go on a plastic-free purge. Start in your bathroom and go all the way to the kitchen and look at the ingredients list on your cosmetics, cleaning products, etc. Search for microbeads and replace any single use plastic items with reusable, Eco-friendly ones.

  3. Talk about living “plastic-free” to others. People tend to take more advise from family and friends, so why not sharing tips about the simple things we can do to reduce our usage of plastic? Also, why not approach businesses in your neighbourhood about ways they could be reducing plastic used to package food products.

  4. Research on local Eco-friendly, plastic-free grocers and plan ahead to buy in bulk. Instead of going to the big supermarket around the corner, spend some time checking the ingredients you really need and go to a local shop and buy in bulk just what you need. You don’t need to be buying packaged foods when you can be buying just exactly what you need in bulk (so don’t forget to use your cotton tote bags from step 1)

Here at Veond app we have plenty of Eco-friendly products to help you achieve a plastic-free life. Check the stainless steel straws, the 3 cotton bag set and the vegan tote bags to help you with your shopping.