Giving someone a gift is a very special gesture, a way of showing affection, attention, gratitude… And we are all touched by these gestures!

And if you're going to buy a special gift for someone dear, we have some tips to give you!

First you have the option to buy from small and medium businesses, local brands or fair trade (Like the brands here on Veond App!). That way you can be more sustainable and help the environment. If the gift is vegan, even better!

Another amazing tip is to provide the person you love with an experience! Have you thought about getting a surf class? A mindfulness class? A dinner at a vegan restaurant? :)

Yeah… These are great options! All available here at Veond app.

If you really want to give a physical gift, here is a VERY amazing tip! Often the gifting is more important than the gift itself, so the affection, care and attention you have in preparing this gift is so important. And we are here to help you at this stage. In addition to the gift, we want to show you creative and sustainable ways of wrapping!

Check out some super easy, economical and eco-friendly tips when wrapping your gifts:

  • Scarves: A super cool option are scarves. Besides having endless choices of prints, colours and shapes this is the case where the packaging itself can be reused! Imagine the surprise of who will win the gift and find that you can also take the scarf to assemble an amazing look.
  • Newspapers: Another easy and affordable way is to reuse newspapers! YES, newsprint! Surely you will find some page with an amazing image or good news. Cute, right?
  • Old maps: Do you, your parents or grandparents have a box full of saved old maps? Choose a special place, draw or write inspiring messages, mark places where you want to go with the person who will win the gift! The person might even not want to unwrap such a beautiful and original package.
  • Tree leaves: WHAT? Leaves? That's right! Want to be SUPER COOL and Zero Waste? Here are some tips on how you can wrap your gift in banana leaves, palm leaves or any large format. The ideal in this case is to wrap around the date of delivering the gift, so the leaf will remain green! 

Article by Livre Para (Sustainability Partners Veond app)