Making your own delicious vegan ricotta has never been so easy and you will need only 7 basic ingredients. Creamy, delicious, easy and super high protein. This pasta is perfect for those who want a quick, easy meal perfect for a Meat Free Monday lunch or dinner. It's refreshing and fun in summer, soothing, warm and creamy in winter. A very original recipe, created for pasta lovers, that will surely leave no one indifferent. 


prep time


cook time


total time

  • 1 serving of Tofu Ricotta
  • 1 small courgette
  • 1 packet of large pasta (or other pasta of your choice)
  • olive oil, salt and pepper, to taste
  • oregano (optional)
  • vegan Parmesan (optional)

Tofu Ricotta:

  • 500g Tofu
  • 20g basil leaves
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 to 1 tbsp salt
  • ground pepper, to taste
  1. Start by doing the tofu ricotta: squeeze the tofu to remove as much water as possible. Don't worry if it breaks, as you'll crush it right away.
  2. Place the tofu in a large container and add all ingredients. If you have a food processor it will be easier - put all the ingredients in there.
  3. Using a magic wand, mash the tofu with the other ingredients until you have a grainy paste, similar to a ricotta cheese. If you use a processor, it will be the same thing. Taste and adjust the seasonings to your taste. If you think it is too dry (it will depend on the tofu used) and you do not want to add more lemon juice or olive oil, add a little water to the desired consistency.
  4. Wrap well with a spoon. The recommendation is to leave the ricotta in the fridge for a couple of hours to marinate the tofu and absorb the flavors of the remaining ingredients.
  5. While letting the tofu marinate, put the pasta to bake in a pan, not forgetting the salt. Remove most of the zucchini bark and prick it well.
  6. Pour a drizzle of olive oil into a frying pan and bring it to medium heat. Once the oil is hot, add the zucchini, salt, and sauté until golden, or preferably slightly toasted. This process should take about 5 minutes.
  7. Once the pasta is ready, drain it and rinse it with fresh water. Put it back in the pan or other container of your choice. Add the courgette, and finally the tofu ricotta. Wrap well until well blended and creamy. Add the oregano and sprinkle with the vegan Parmesan - it's optional but delicious.