Is nutrition important for the immune system?

Yes. Although at the time, there is no relationship between the consumption of certain foods or supplements and the strengthening of the immune system, we know that a balanced diet with the presence of different nutrients, including all sources of energy (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), vitamins and minerals and water help ensure the normal functioning of the immune system.

Can we prevent or cure infection with the new coronavirus through food or supplementation?

No. As much as food, and its nutrients, are important to the immune system, we have no evidence that any food, supplement or superfoods prevent or cures coronavirus infection. Good hygiene practices remain the best way to prevent the disease.

What to do to get food in case of social shielding?

In case of shielding it’s important to ensure that the essential food items are provided for a longer period and that you make the most when you shop at the supermarket to avoid unnecessary exposure.

How to plan your shopping?

Make an organized shopping list, buying only what is necessary, without exaggerations. Ask yourself:

  1. What foods, which ingredients do I have at home?
  2. With the food I have at home, what meals can I prepare?
  3. What foods do I need to buy additionally for meals that are still lacking?

Then ...

  1. Plan your meals using the food you have at home.
  2. After planning the meals you want, make the shopping list.Β 

Article developed by CP2340N nutritionist Sandra Gomes da Silva from the blogΒ