Vegans Share Portugal's Best Cities to Live

An increasingly sustainable and cruelty-free world. If these principles seem incompatible with the maddening pace of consumption in the world, the inevitable need to act and change habits makes them increasingly relevant.

We set out to discover which are the most inviting cities to discover vegan food options and where the catering offer already represents more than a trend, a conscious choice.


There is more to life in Lagos than the charming Meia Praia and the fortress that has given it protection for centuries. The city and its surroundings invite you to relax and dream, in one of the most charming spots in our country.

The international and youthful character of Lagos has given rise to dozens of restaurants that await your visit. "A Tribo" is one of those places, where the spiritual "vibe" fills the soul, heart and stomach. Lulled by the contagious rhythm that emanates from the Western Algarve, we find more than enough reasons to stay here.


Faro has never refused to bring you the most delicious trends in gastronomy. Unsurprisingly, in recent years the sprawling district has seen the emergence of more and better vegan restaurants.

Breaking prejudice, they surprise with their varied, balanced, healthy and, above all, irresistibly delicious menus. "O Outro Lado" is one of those places, where there is a subtle invitation to discover a vegan creative vein, full of complex flavours made with passion.


Good people and good food are practically registered trademarks of the city of Porto. Proving it are some of the best food delivery offers at home, where you can count on something delicious always served with a smile.

The dynamics of the city in the north of Portugal has benefited from its international projection and the current average rental value of €1,334 gives it an advantage over Lisbon.

To taste and conquer, there are dozens of vegan restaurants such as "Em Carne Viva", where you will be hooked for much more than your heart. If you want to try something truly irresistible, a delicious vegan brunch at Comércio Café Co-work offers you an unparalleled experience.


The country's capital invites constant discovery and it is in these parts that you can find some of the main trends. Although renting in Lisbon is uninviting with an average of €1,619, nothing prevents you from visiting the city. Here you can discover numerous vegan restaurants, mostly in the heart of the city.

If you want to be in an equally vibrant city where it is cheaper to live, we recommend that you take a look at the average rental price in Porto. However, it is here in the capital that there are more than 300 vegan-friendly places to enjoy. Take a few days to rest while you discover each one of them throughout the year, such as the “Orteá - Vegan Collective'' (formerly O Botanista)", the “Legumi Sushi” or one of the three “Green Affair” restaurants.


Braga has been offering us pleasant surprises in recent years. Also under the sights of tourism, the bet on new and interesting vegan restaurants has gained considerable popularity. More than a trend, it is a bet that the particularly young age group of inhabitants of this city appreciates. Worth a visit or even consideration for one of the best places in the country to live, these places are never lacking in charm.

If there were no reasons to let yourself be conquered by any of the beautiful cities that we have mentioned here, you now have renewed arguments to visit them. In each one, the quality of life is an almost indisputable characteristic, with countless flavoursome surprises waiting for you. Discover the best these cities have to offer in terms of vegan food and make this adventure even more appetizing.

Image from Em Carne Viva restaurant in Porto.