Did you know that tens of billions of chickens are raised and killed for food every year - more than all other land animals combined? The meat industry has turned a beautiful, intelligent and harmless bird into the most exploited land animal on the planet. For hens used for eggs, suffering is inherent in all egg production methods – including free-range hens. Their lives are short and, in the case of male chicks, even shorter. Being of the wrong sex for laying eggs and the wrong breed for the meat industry, their lives are considered useless and they end up being killed in the incubator.

It's never been easier to leave chicken and eggs out of your diet and replace them with plant-based alternatives. Veond in a partnership with Veganuary Brasil, brings you all the help you need, from recipes without chicken to courses and workshops that will help you learn everything about vegetable cuisine where meat, fish, chicken and eggs are off the plate.

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