"Every time we enter a social network we find hundreds of advertisements, ads and influencers selling products. It is often done with a clear communication, however many times it is a lifestyle that is being sold and we get into the idea of having to belong to a certain lifestyle that is not even ours.  

How many of these daily stimuli do we really let affect us?

How much are we being influenced without realising?

In the journey to self-awareness comes a moment when we realise that "having" is not equal to "being."

We realise that you will not find self-knowledge in impulse buying or instant desire. You'll be buying for the wrong reason. Consuming more will not solve anything.

There is nothing wrong with feeling the desire to have that piece of clothing / perfume, but it will not be these objects that will bring you true happiness. Reflect if you really need them to be happy. Self-confidence and satisfaction comes from within, a work within the mind and heart.

Get to know yourself well and make smart choices! Look for products with healthy, compassionate ingredients and good quality.

Research the origin of the products you choose, and make sure they were produced in a fair and ethical way, without human or animal exploitation.

Empower yourself to make the best choices."

by livrepara.com (Veond app content partners)

In the Veond App you will always find the best ethical, compassionate and free of animal exploitation products.

Shop wise, shop with a guilt-free conscience.