Complete and delicious Brunch without waste!

Brunch. I'm sure you've heard of brunch. It is a rich meal originally from England that combines breakfast with lunch. The idea is precisely to replace these two meals by combining them into one, usually served at the end of the morning/early afternoon. So, if you are on vacation, brunch seems like the perfect option for those who want to wake up later while still eating well.

Over the years this event has become the perfect situation for get-togethers, especially on Sundays. And it has increasingly become a true banquet, and a “parade” of increasingly sophisticated and elaborate dishes.

But with such abundance, some (or unfortunately, quite) waste would be natural. In this article, we propose to give you a list of 100% plant-based dishes that cannot be missing on your next brunch and also some tips on how to make this event as wasteful as possible.

Brunch - equals abundance: dishes to impress that cannot be missed:

How to avoid waste? Some useful tips for a sustainable and zero-waste event.

  1. Define well the number of guests so that you can cook just enough so that everyone is satisfied and there is a minimum of surplus;
  2. Prepare a menu using as much as possible local and seasonal ingredients, focusing on all the perishable foods and ingredients that you already have in the pantry or in the fridge;
  3. If you really need to buy some products, create a shopping list according to the real needs of the event, taking into account the expiry dates of the products and labeling them well to be used first those that will expire faster;
  4. Properly store everything you are preparing / cooking for the event;
  5. Maximize the usage of peels, stalks, etc. - if you can't use them in full, keep them in a bag to make vegetable broth later;
  6. Ripe fruit in the fridge? Use them to make jellies, smoothies or “ice cream”;
  7. If there are leftovers from your brunch, reuse everything the next day: leftovers of bread can be transformed into hamburgers, oat balls, puddings, etc.

Think carefully about this event and how you can make the best of every part of every ingredient.

For inspiration, we've left you this very complete and tasty menu that we've created for Mother's Day. Also, if you love brunch as much as we do, but don't want to bothered with cooking, we suggest the mega “Brunch d 'O Botanista' which you can purchase and book only through Veond with a 20% discount.

Eating well and sustainably has never been so easy.