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  • Excellent cost/benefit. Plus the Sushi was incredibly tasty.

    E. Arruda
  • The entire purchase process was very simple and fast. The delivery was fast too and the products surprised by their quality.

    P. Oliveira
  • Delicious products with a 5 star delivery

    L. Barbosa
  • So nice, all done and delivered without any issues. Perfect!

    Catarina T.
  • Quick and easy purchase with an amazing discount. Fast delivery too.

    A. Margarida
  • Good quality-price ratio. Easy payment. Speedy ​​delivery.

    I. Neves


Last Minute Deal

€40.00 €29.90

Legumi Sushi Takeway Menu for 2, Lisboa

Last Minute Deal

€24.00 €19.99

Ortéa Brunch Menu (old O Botanista), Lisbon


€27.00 €25.50

2 Cura Cheeses - Camem'Vert or Blue & Feta


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